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Track List
1.Wendel the Witch (Mitchell mix)
2.Spacechick (Mitchell mix)
3.Crystal Morning (Crystallasiation mix by Astralasia)
4.Spacechick (Spacehopper mix)


Flutatious Fluctuations released by Magick Eye Records is available as a cd and download. Visit Magick Eye Records for full details and to purchase. “



Inside UK: £10.00

Outside UK: £12.00

MP3 Download: £9.00

Flutatious 333

Track List
1.333 (a call to arms)
2.Crystal Morning
4.Open Window
5.Wise Tree
6.Whats in the Tea?
7.Tune for Addy
10.Road to Skye (revisited)


“… it is a disc brim-full of ideas from a band I’ll definitely be looking out for on the live/festival circuit”

Oz Hardwick
R2 Rock’n’Reel March 2012

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Flutatious 2

Track List
1.Wendel The Witch
5.Springtime on the Hill
6.Somewhere’s near to Nowhere
7.Haste ye Back
8.Morning Star
9.Drunken Drummer
10.The River of Ae


“…this album is timeless, beautiful and filled with amazing sounds. With the same line-up as the first album, Flutatious are still the first address for timeless, beautiful fusion, mixed with jazzy elements, celtic dreams, Scottish and Irish legends and mythological melodies.
You can hear the songs in a disco, in a pub, or at a party with your class-mates. You can relax, dance or just having a good time. Most of the songs are filled with the melodical phrases of the violin and the flute. Sometimes it seems like a duel, when the flute starts a melody that is continued by the violin.
Sometimes you’ll hear some some voices inside the songs; more as another sound-element than singing.
If you like bands like Camel, Clannad or Tannahill Weavers, you would love this band. The music is for classical fans also as awesome as for jazz, fusion or celtic rock fans.

Ten points in all categories!!!”

Isk Hawkzine 29/11/10



Inside UK: £10.00

Outside UK: £11.00

MP3 Download: £9.00

Flutatious Debut Album

Flutatious 1st album
Track List
4.Trippy Jig
5.Morag’s Dance
6.Jazzy Jig
7.Eurabin Falls
8.Tha I Ban
10.Road to Skye


“…I can tell you by far that this is my number 1 instrumental UK album of the year bar none; a brilliant piece of research, muscianship and aura.”

Gene, (British Breakfast) Pembleton

“The financial meltdown may well continue through 2009 but Flutatious will make it all the more bearable as they take you to different worlds. And should you have any cash left their next album will definitely be worth the investment when it arrives.”

TimCarroll, FolkWords

“Flutatious, by Flutatious is one of those albums that is almost impossible to define, categorise or shelf. You cannot define it as being of one genre or another; you cannot do the usual comparisons with like; but neither can you just put it on the shelf. Once it’s in the player, it tends to stay there.”